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Custom New Homes

It is Dave's personal mission to help you design and build the New Home of your dreams!

Concrete Homes

Benefits of Concrete Homes include locally source materials, use of recycled components, energy performance, disaster resistant, cool, indoor air quality, and being recyclable.

New Construction

From foundations to finishing touches, we can provide construction services from start to finish.


Let Dave's Construction help make your home addition a pain free experience..


The decision to remodel can be overwhelming. Dave's Construction can help..


The decision to remodel is overwhelming. Dave's Construction can help.


The decision to remodel can be overwhelming. Dave's Construction can help..

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Stick Built Vs. Modular Homes

  1. Flexible layout with unlimited designs and options.
  2. No wasted space with marriage walls.
  3. Homes are not transported through weather, over rough roads, on unleveled lots.
  4. The cost saving from transporting the home can be put into part of the house.  These can easily run over $10,000 per house.
  5. Licensed plumbers install the plumbing and heating.  They are there start to finish, so you only have one contractor to worry about if you need any warranty work.
  6. Licensed electricians install ALL the wiring and fixtures with the same warranty.
  7. All products used in our homes are sold locally, so you can get service and replacement parts.
  8. All construction is built together and integrated rather than sections set and attached as separate units.
  9. You can watch and see your dream house come alive before your eyes.
  10. You can have 9’ and higher walls and ceiling
  11. Your stick built home can have foam insulation installed to seal every nook and cranny for better insulation value.
  12. You have the same contractor doing the foundation, garage and other miscellaneous work associated with modular.  Everything is attached as one building.
  13. Modular homes have facility overhead, support staff, utilities and maintenance.  Stick built homes do not have any of these.
  14. Modular homes can take longer to build if you consider everything from the foundation to moving in.
  15. Modular homes will be more expensive if you compare apples to apples with all the extra costs involved.


Thinking outside the box

Stick built construction allows the home owner to design their home to their specifications and allows the construction company to source products and components from local business. This benefits the home owner, the construction company and the local business economy.

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